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We are a small family run business that has been hosting weddings for over 25 years. When we purchased the Manor in 1988 there was much work to be done. The once beautiful gardens had been overrun by the forest, and the once grand house had fallen into disrepair.  Over our many years here, we've restored both the building and it's surroundings to their current state. It took years of hard work with help from family and friends to turn the Manor into what it is today.

The Altamont Manor has been a prominent feature of the Altamont landscape since it was built on the site of an apple orchard in 1894.  The Altamont Enterprise, the local newspaper which has been publishing since 1884, carried this small notice.  "Mr JB Groot has purchased property where in the spring he will build a handsome residence", and a handsome residence it was, with high Victorian features such as a turret and eyebrow windows. When Groot died in 1914, the house was actually purchased by the attorney who remodeled it to fit the post WW I style and resold it shortly after.

The second family to reside at the Manor was Frank Carpenter and Alice Dey Carpenter, from approximately 1918 to 1946.  The house was nicknamed "Breezy Brow" for it's position on the brow of the hill above Altamont. During this time it hosted a high society family wedding in 1926, which was even noted in the New York Times. 

In 1947 the house was sold to Harry Teetsel who started it on its journey as a commercial establishment which was eventually sold to Harvey's parents, Charlie and Anne Vlahos. Charlie and Anne operated the Manor as a restaurant for many years before their retirement. It was famous throughout the capital region for their fantastic food and atmosphere. It was sold again and eventually fell into disrepair before we purchased the property in 1988 and began transforming it into what it is today.

Frances Dey Carpenter and Henry van der
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